Waste collection by CollectiX

The garbage boats are put into operation by the German environmental start-up

Collects Plastic Waste and its Data

Efficient, artificially intelligent, available


With a loading volume of 2.75 tons, the CollectiX garbage boat is perfectly designed for collecting large carpets of litter. It can be easily unloaded at the water’s edge and thus collects approx. 20 tons of material per day.


CollectiX offers optimal handling on the water and is intuitive to use. The CollectiX boat collects garbage on any waters and is especially suitable for smaller rivers and canals, because it is narrow and flexible. In addition, it creates many local jobs that take ecological responsibility.


Sensors located at the CollectiX boat and drones are paired with artificial intelligence. They determine accumulations of waste and their exact composition in terms of quantity and type. This enables the identification of polluters and creates valuable data on water pollution


With us you have the possibility to buy or rent a CollectiX boat or a whole CollectiX fleet.
You have individual requests? No problem at all, we adapt the garbage boat exactly to your needs

Internationally in Action

Our garbage boats clean up!

After missions in Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Germany, the first CollectiX mission started in South-East Asia in 2022. Our goal is to find long-term solutions for littered rivers or lakes together with local partners in the countries of operation and to initiate the recycling of the collected material. You can read more about our previous missions here:

You know a location, where our garbage boat would be just the right solution?

Why CollectiX?

Technology meets ecology

Rivers are one of the main sources of plastic litter in our oceans. Our garbage boats clean rivers and lakes and thus automatically protect the marine ecosystem. Technological innovation and ecological inspiration are combined for a sustainable future.

müllsammelboot künstliche intelligenz
Photo: DFKI

Artificially Intelligent

How the supporter DFKI evaluates waste

The evaluation of the garbage takes place with APLASTIC-Q, a method for automatic garbage detection developed by the DFKI research unit Marine Perception, which is based on two neural networks.
APLASTIC-Q evaluates image and video material in a two-stage process. It first analyzes the image for plastic waste and then for types of waste, such as plastic bottles or polystyrene.

The two neural networks were trained using images taken for a project in Cambodia – a country for which plastic waste and its disposal is a major problem.

With Cleanup Missions by CollectiX the data-hungry neural networks is trained with new data.This enables DFKI to set up the APLASTIC-Q automatic waste recognition method in such a way that it produces more robust results with each additional application

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