Cleanup Mission Slovakia I

Thanks to a sucessfull crowdfunding of 20.000 Euro on we could complete our first Clean Up Mission.
Only a few weeks ago, the tests for the newly developed garbage boat of the CollectiX initiative were successfully done.

Shortly afterwards we followed a call for help from Slovakia, where there are enormous waste problems at the river „Hron“. There, carelessly disposed garbage unfortunately gathers again and again at the dams and bays, and garbage carpets emerged.

„We were surprised at how bad the images of pollution on site were. It was immediately clear to us that we wanted to help!“

Arriving in Slovakia we were presented with a challenging picture. To find so much garbage in the middle of Europe, we would not have expected that. In the garbage carpets we found not only plastic bottles but also refrigerators, shoes, deodorant cans and this in masses.

For three days we cleared one hotspot after the other with our CollectiX and removed as much garbage as possible from the waters. Not only did we remove an astonishing 10 tons of garbage from the river, but we were also able to collect important data to further optimize the recognition of the plastic by artificial intelligence.

A part of the collected garbage went to a Slovakian social project, which recycles and reuses it. For the other part, we had to use the already existing routes in the region and give it to a company that would recycle it thermally. The wood, which was also collected, went to a local company that will use it to produce mulch.

We are always dependent on the local structures on site, but we are also strongly committed to the expansion of recycling research.

„For us it is important to involve and educate the local people. Only in this way can we achieve a change in thinking in the long term.“ 

The mission was constantly accompanied by nationwide media in order to create awareness of the problem in this way as well.

Our first mission went completely according to our expectations, and we also saw possibilities for improvement, which we are already working on actively. Our next goal is now to build up our CollectiX fleet and to clean up the waters of the world.

An important step in the fight against the littering of our oceans and rivers was implemented with our mission in Slovakia. Now it is time to continue!

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