Corporate Social Responsibility

The problem

Eight million tons of plastic find their way into our oceans every year - a truckload every minute. This represents a major threat to our ecosystems.
Rivers are often the transporters of garbage.

The solution

Corporate Social Responsibility: Together we must try to close the plastic cycle.
With our Clean Up projects in waters all over the world we collect, with your help, up to 20 tons of plastic per day.

Social commitment

CSR in your company

Our Clean Ups are intended to address the major environmental problem of water pollution. In addition to collecting waste with our garbage fleet, we also provide environmental education and cooperate with local representatives. To realize our Clean Ups we need partners and supporters. Do you want to clean the waters of our world with us? We would be pleased to present the advantages of our solutions or to show you the finished garbage boats in the water.
Corporate Social Responsibility

You as a sponsor for Clean Ups

a project example from Slovakia

Corporate Social Responsibility

The problem

The river Hron in Slovakia has been struggling for years with a severe waste problem. In summer 2020 we received a call for help from a Slovakian dam operator and knew we had to act!

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The solution

In august 2020 we were active with a CollectiX boat. 5 big containers of garbage were collected, which went to recycling. The interest of the local government and press was huge and we hope to improve the situation on the Hron sustainably in the future.

Build awareness

The mission was constantly accompanied by nationwide media in order to create awareness of the problem in this way as well.
For us it is important to involve and educate the local people. Only in this way can we achieve a change in thinking in the long term. 

CSR Hron
Clean Up Hron


The basis of our development was a proven Berky mower collection boat, which has now been optimised for the use of plastic collection in rivers. Precise and technically high-quality.


We do not only act with our garbage boats, but also take care of the educational work on site. Pacific Garbage Screening also invests a lot in the area of environmental education.


During the garbage collection we get data through sensors. With the help of an artificial intelligence, these data are evaluated to obtain important information such as composition, quantity and type of waste.


We are investing in recycling research and are investigating to what extent the electrification of our garbage boat CollectiX is possible. For a better future step by step.

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