The CollectiX initiative

An ideal connection

how was born

everwave x Berky began at a network meeting of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in the middle of the night.

As chance would have it, representatives of both parties sat back to back at different tables and snatched up snippets of conversation about polluted waters, whereupon a long discussion developed until dawn. A few days earlier, Berky had received a very interesting inquiry from a customer in Indonesia who was looking for a solution to the problem of littering lakes. It soon became clear that everwave and Berky GmbH could combine their expertise perfectly.

The idea of the garbage boat CollectiX was born.


The partners of CollectiX

sustainable innovation

mission: marine protection
everwave wants to clean rivers of plastic waste and thus protect the sea. They combine technological innovation with ecological inspiration, for a sustainable future. The garbage boat will support a clean-up platform system, which is in the final stages of development, and at the same time act individually.
Through the initiative, years of research are now being put into practice.


mission: water maintenance
For decades, Berky has been building machines that improve the maintenance of waters. Machines from Berky can get everything out of the water that does not belong there. Initially it was mainly herbs and plants, such as algae, that got caught in the boat propellers. Berky has long been internationally active in water maintenance.
Through the initiative, there is now a stronger focus on garbage collection.

The supporter of CollectiX

artificially intelligent

Deutsches Institut für Künstliche Intelligenz

mission: intelligent science:
DFKI is Germany's leading business-oriented research institution in the field of innovative software technologies based on artificial intelligence methods. It supports the initiative with an AI that enables the detection of waste accumulations and even their composition.
The data collected then allows conclusions about the quantity, type and polluter of the waste.

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