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Our efficient CollectiX garbage boats collect tons of plastic waste from waters all over the world. This way we tell an inspiring story and ensure a clean future.

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one of 1000 solutions

Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded our CollectiX garbage boat with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. This makes us one of 1000 solutions against environmental problems. We are honored and proud!

The garbage boat

technology meets ecology

The mission of CollectiX is to create a clean environment in our waters. Because there are not only many living beings and plants, but also a large amount of waste. The CollectiX boat fights this water pollution.

With approx. 20 tons of material collection per day, a single boat ensures optimal water purification. A drone supports each garbage boat and identifies the waste hotspots.
In addition, the boat is equipped with sensors which, thanks to artificial intelligence, help to analyse the waste smartly. In this way, we not only collect garbage, but also detailed data on its composition.

For clean rivers, lakes, canals and harbours all over the world!

CollectiX Müllsammelboot
collectix boot
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Corporate Social Responsibility

sustainable commitment with CollectiX

Garbage boats on a mission: We want to make the world a cleaner place. Our garbage collection fleet with the CollectiX boats reliably and efficiently clears the waters of this world. But quite often there are no financial resources available at the polluted waters.
Therefore we need supporters and partners who are interested in a sustainable future.

Together we start impact campaigns, that change the world!

CollectiX initiative

environmental startup meets experienced machine builder

The intiative CollectiX was founded by everwave and Berky. everwave stands for the vision to clean the waters of this world and to create a responsible society.
The Berky stands for the highest quality and many years of experience when it comes to solutions for water maintenance. Together we combine innovation and ecological responsibility with technical perfection.

Together we are a worldwide problem solver!

Even the smallest person
can change the course of fate.

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