CollectiX Garbage Boats

We offer cleanups with our efficient CollectiX garbage boats on international waters. They enable the collection of tonnes of waste and ensure a clean and liveable future!

The garbage boats are put into operation by the German environmental start-up

The Garbage Boat

Technology meets ecology

The mission of CollectiX is to create a clean environment in our waters. Because there are not only many living beings and plants, but also a large amount of waste. The CollectiX boat fights this water pollution.

approx. 20 tons of material collection per day, a single boat ensures optimal water purification. A drone supports each garbage boat and identifies the waste hotspots.

In addition, the boat is equipped with sensors which, thanks to artificial intelligence, help to analyse the waste smartly. In this way, we not only collect waste, but also detailed data on its composition.

For clean rivers, lakes, canals and harbours all over the world!

Our Cleanup Missions

Actions for the environment

We want to make the world a cleaner place. So we were in action with CollectiX in Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Cambodia and Germany. Our goal is to deploy our cleanup technology not only on European rivers and lakes, but also on other continents. From Germany, we plan the missions with local partners on site and build up the network for deployment, recycling and environmental education there. With the help of our logistics provider Kühne+Nagel, we then bring CollectiX to the country of deployment. The longer it can be deployed on the littered waters, the more sustainable the mission. On site, CollectiX is then operated by local partners and the waste is sorted and, if possible, recycled by local recycling companies. We also involve politicians and the media to find a long-term solution to the local trash problem.

Our vision: to put many CollectiX garbage boats in the field, create clean rivers and lakes, and thus prevent plastic from entering the world’s ocean

We are looking for local partners and locations all over the world. Do you need support to remove garbage from rivers, lakes, in harbors or at dams in your country?

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CollectiX is awarded

One of 1000 solutions

Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded our CollectiX garbage boat with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. This makes us one of 1000 solutions against environmental problems. We are honored and proud!

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